Redwood Coast Medical Services

Redwood Coast Medical Services

Clinic Member, Providing Services Since 1977
Gualala Medical Clinic
46900 Ocean Dr.
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-4005
Point Arena Medical Clinic
30 Mill St.
Point Arena, CA 95468
(707) 882-1704
Point Arena Dental Clinic
175 Main St.
Point Arena, CA 95468
(707) 882-2189

No. of Service Locations: 3

This organization is the sole provider of care in its community.


Services: Primary and preventive medical services for all ages and stages; round-the-clock non-emergency urgent care; specialty medical services; on-site X-rays, EKG, heart monitoring, and laboratory work; dental services; counseling services; substance abuse treatment; anger management and smoking cessation classes; Shamli Volunteer Hospice/Respite Program, providing loving support to individuals and families facing a short-term medical emergency, chronic illness or the end of life.

Did You Know?
The health center members of ARCH make a significant contribution within their communities.

  • Community health centers are recognized as a cost-efficient model of care.
  • They provide comprehensive care, including physical, mental health and dental care.
  • They serve more than 50% of our local population.
  • More than 87% of health center patients are low income.
  • These centers bring significant funding into our county from our State government, the Federal government and private foundations.
  • They provide more than 500 high-quality jobs to the people of our region.

Community health centers are unique systems for delivering high-quality, community-based primary health care.

Their boards are composed of their consumers.

They welcome everyone, regardless of an individual's income or insurance coverage.