Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

Through advocacy and education, ARCH seeks to ensure and sustain healthcare funding for the residents of Mendocino County served by rural health care providers. ARCH's staff and leadership works with local, state and federal officials and other stakeholders to:

  • Create and champion policy recommendations
  • Advocate for increased funding for rural primary care providers
  • Educate policy makers about health issues facing our rural communities
  • Engage in legislative and administrative advocacy at the county, state, and federal level
  • Disseminate policy information and reports
  • Provide technical assistance to member clinics regarding policy issues
  • Build coalitions and developing community linkages
  • Conduct media advocacy
  • Participate in county level health planning
Our unwavering advocacy on behalf of our communities provides legislators and policy makers with crucial provider and patient-based perspectives on policies that impact our rural health care providers and their clients.
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Miranda Ramos
Regional Quality Improvement Coordinator
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